while working on my webgame project, i found myself wanting to graph some data. since i like perl, i poked about looking for the best module to use for this purpose, and rediscovered Chart::Clicker. i also remembered why some of the docs for it looked so familiar – i wrote them.

this is actually a pretty sweet module, though it isn’t exactly fast or easy to use. being slow is an issue with clicker that appears to have gotten better over the past couple of years, but it still isn’t snappy enough for live web usage in some cases. being hard to use is more a problem with charting software in general. that’s the curse of charting modules on cpan; none of them are easy to jump into. those that are pretty simple are either no longer maintained, or break once there’s a version increase in one of their dependencies.

i’m ok with each module having a different way of doing things; that’s why we have different modules. i’m even ok with some of them being undocumented, though this shouldn’t be taken to mean that’s a good thing. i can read the source if i have to, and 10% of the time i’ll actually get that far without discarding the module in frustration. examples of both code and the generated images are super useful for these modules, but only a couple actually seem to make that effort.

too bad, too. in my particular case i’ve tried three different modules for what i’m trying to do, and each one has some flaw that makes it undesirable for production deployment. this is the kind of thing that makes people roll their own and upload another charting kit.


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