dancing with perl

in the past couple of weeks, i’ve started looking into the dancer framework. so far, i like what i’ve seen.

the most obvious difference between this and, say, catalyst, has been the simpler nature and availability of server implementation documentation. it is also structured very much like my homebrewed framework i’ve been using for years, which made it relatively easy to jump into.

setting up an app with by-url authorization and simple authentication was really easy, and having public and private parts of an app is pretty simple as well. the really nice thing is that all the objects and packages i’ve written for other web apps will be able to plug into this with a minimum of fuss, so the migration pains will be relatively minor.

with this in mind, i’ve paused most of my ongoing projects while i look into porting all of the code over to this new framework. turns out this isn’t a huge problem as i’ve had a bad case of coder’s block lately. but this has gotten me excited about a couple of new projects i want to start, so i’m going to be digging into it a lot more over the next few weeks.

dancing with perl

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