mydns module – about

NB : The mydns project appears to be dead, and a new project has (sort of) taken its place (mydns-ng). With this in mind, the module discussed here should be considered of VERY limited use.

First of all, you need to go here so you have an idea of what this is about.
This is a perl module written to help manage a mydns based server.
The idea was to provide a simple and clean interface, which also means that there aren’t a lot of additional or optional things enabled or supported.
Still, this should get you by if you need to do a lot of bulk management duties.

note – this project was pretty much abandoned ones I put together my own dnsadmin system to manage bind rather than mydns. This isn’t to say bind is better than mydns, but rather that the environment I deployed these in preferred bind.

here is the pod2html output for the module :

here is the module itself :

mydns module – about